Ricardo Pagan: How We Are Helping To Make Housing More Affordable

I think that we as an industry, not just the builders and developers but also the financiers etc. should look at affordable development as an asset and not a detriment. A lot of people in the industry look at affordable investment as something they wouldn’t touch due to its complexity, but the reality is that affordable is probably one of the best asset classes to hold, and many times one of the best performing.

He’s working on L.A.’s next great skyscraper, Angels Landing.

Real estate developer Ricardo Pagan has made his mark in New York City and Detroit, but the biggest project of his career aims to change the skyline of downtown L.A.


Pagan, 39, is founder and chief executive of Claridge Properties, one of threedevelopers tasked with erecting the Angels Landing project — a $1.5-billion development that will bring two skyscrapers to the Bunker Hill neighborhood near the historic Angels Flight railway. All of the developers — Peebles Corp. and MacFarlane Partners are the other two — are owned by people of color.


Angels Landing has been touted as a mini neighborhood. The vision for the ambitious project includes affordable as well as market-rate apartments, plus condos, shops, restaurants, two hotels, a park and perhaps even an elementary school, if Pagan’s efforts come to fruition. Representatives for Angels Landing Partners said the school isn’t currently part of the official plan.