Built On Vision

Based in Los Angeles, Claridge Properties was founded in 1999 in Brooklyn, New York by developer Ricardo Pagan. Guided by Ricardo’s vision and acumen, the firm has scaled from humble beginnings to the heights of the real estate industry to become one of the country’s most forward-thinking and respected firms.


Claridge is rooted in its commitment to excellence, diversity, and impact, and has developed some of the most exciting large-scale mixed-use and affordable housing projects in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, and Phoenix.


Built on vision, Claridge’s dedication to quality and ability to pinpoint and execute on ambitious opportunities have resulted in daring, forward-reaching, multi-faceted projects. Among these are The Gretsch Building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Angels Landing in Downtown LA, the Book Tower Complex in Detroit, and The Pencil Factory on the Greenpoint waterfront in Brooklyn.

Claridge Properties is
built on three pillars:
Excellence, Diversity
and Impact


We continually push ourselves to be leaders by pinpointing often unrealized opportunities across emerging markets and transforming them into superior quality projects that stand the test of time.


Minority-owned and operated, we are strongly committed to employing the best talent from all backgrounds, in turn ensuring that we benefit from various perspectives that enable us to exceed the highest standards for all stakeholders.


We add value to the communities where our projects are based, through innovative initiatives that address the needs of the people who live, work, and play nearby. This spans from preservation of affordable housing to upgrading historic parks and recreation.

A Timeline of Success,
From Coast to Coast

From Ricardo Pagan’s beginnings as a young developer in New York City to his acquisition of some of the country’s most coveted and ambitious projects, Claridge Properties’ ascent in the real estate development world over the last two decades has been nothing short of amazing.

Early Deals (2000-2005)
  • Ricardo starts with small multifamily projects in Williamsburg
  • Sees transitioning markets in NYC Metro as an opportunity
Book Tower (2006)
  • Marks Claridge’s first foray outside the NYC Market
  • Claridge’s first downtown high rise and a major part of Detroit’s downtown
  • A complex deal to close and develop, showcasing Ricardo’s trademark determination
Greenpoint (2006)
  • First mega project in
  • Acquires major 4-acre parcel on waterfront for $83.5 Million.
Westin Book Cadillac (2010)
  • $180 Million Redevelopment of The Westin Book Cadillac.
  • Total 2 Million SF milestone owned
Estancia Del Sol (2014)
  • Phoenix deal that led Claridge to consider West Coast investment expansion
  • Sees development potential similar to Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Olive Court (2014)
  • Assemblage of first large development project
  • Identifies growth in LA rental submarket
  • Invested with goal of replicating NYC experience
  • Expands West Coast connections
Angel’s Landing (2018)
  • Wins RFP from City of Los Angeles over major local players
  • Project call for $1.2 Billion mixed-use development that will reshape the Los Angeles skyline
  • Partners with Peebles and MacFarlane
The Northshore Portfolio (2020)
  • Takes advantage during COVID-19 pandemic to increase commitment to affordable housing
  • Reinvigorates interest and portfolio exposure to opportunities in Sunbelt states

What Sets Claridge Apart?

Since our founding, Claridge has benefited from its non-traditional and exciting journey in the real estate business. We attribute our continued success to a thoughtful, strategic approach that consists of the following factors:


The diverse backgrounds and fresh perspectives of the Claridge team has allowed us to enter markets in targeted and unconventional ways. We are able to pinpoint assets with strong potential in leading cities, and then forge relationships with sellers by offering creative structuring and certainty of execution.

Quick Closing

For projects that Claridge controls, we are able to expedite closings when necessary while remaining thoughtful and measured. We face each project knowing what is realistic and necessary, and strive to remain nimble throughout the process.

Cost Reduction

Claridge value engineers every project, determining the smartest way to maximize value through providing what our projects and the surrounding community needs – and minimizing what it doesn’t.


Claridge is dedicated to ensuring that our assets operate efficiently and meet our standards of excellence in order to drive the overall performance of each project.


Claridge Properties is built on individuals who share a passion for smart, thoughtful development and care deeply about the communities in which we build our projects. Our minority-run team consists of leaders in the industry who always strive to create new ways of living, working, and playing, and to bring new opportunities to our partners.